We Vibe Gadgets

cv-1730940062I really like having fun with my We-Vibe 4 which I bought from my favourite online adult store and the Australian we-vibe authorised retailer, SexToys247.net.au, both with my boyfriend, and all by myself. I love it because it is fantastic to enjoy for masturbation, and it is better yet to put on while making love. It always provides that dual dose of stimulus at both my clitoris and my G-spot, and I don’t need to fidget with it or keep my hand down there to help keep it in position.

Video From We-Vibe Describing the We-Vibe 4+

The challenge …

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Good Girls’ Secrets of Loving and Long-Lasting Relationships

emmastone-lgDo you sometimes wish for some magical potion which could make your dream man fall crazily in love with you? Do you often yearn for the ability to translate those beautiful first dates into something long-lasting? Can you use some formula to make sure that your man never lays his eyes on another woman?

Here are some secrets to loving long lasting relationships

Well, you’ll not need to worry about all these things if you learn to pay attention to your man’s likes and dislikes. Once you start doing that your relationship will soon take shape of something beautiful, serious …

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Picobong Koa Cerise Review

ss-1000000099Every time I went online I would end up at my local online adult store looking for the perfect vibrator. I had lots on my wish list, I was even thinking about starting a gift registry, and was having trouble choosing the one I wanted most. I finally narrowed down my list to something that was small and discreet, something that was waterproof, and finally it had to be powerful and with lots of fun features.

You would think that would narrow the selection significantly, but it still left lots, so I finally chose the Picobong Koa Cerise because it …

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Why You Shouldn’t Maintain a Friendship With Your Ex

lg_cc0f75aa122890619020527When a relationship ends it’s often tempting to try and salvage a friendship with your ex, especially if the relationship was a long term one. It’s difficult to cut someone out of your life after they’ve played a large part in it for a significant amount of time. But the sad truth is that trying to maintain a friendship with your ex is usually a bad idea.

Video Advice

Here are some reasons why.

  1. Maintaining a friendship may serve as a difficult reminder that the relationship is over. When someone plays a large role in your life it’s natural to
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iRide Review

cv-1634970004Like most modern women, I like to play with toys. I have quite a collection that ranges from vibrators and bunnies, to eggs and dildos. However, whenever I played with one of my toys it always felt like something was missing. I have finally realized that what I was missing was that kind of deep thrusting action that a vibrator or dildo just cannot give me, or so I thought until I found the iRide.

Iride Video

This is an amazing toy that lets me play in a way that none of my other vibrators or dildo’s can. All I …

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Get the Most Out of Your Sex Toys

main_image-1384405561Sex toys bring a whole new level of pleasure to your bedroom. Here are some great ways to get the most pleasure from your toys.

First time sex toy use video

  1. Research toys you’re interested in before you buy. Let’s face it: quality sex toys can be pricey. Before you spend a small fortune on your toy arsenal read the customer reviews on models you’re interested in. Look for information on the average time the toy lasts, learn the difference between different materials used to make sex toys and consider the pros and cons of battery powered verses rechargeable. Not
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Advice for Your First Time

98112754The decision to lose your virginity is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. Your first time can be a beautiful and meaningful experience or a complete disaster. Here are some things to keep in mind the first time you have sex.

First time sex advice

  1. Before you explore your sexuality with a partner, experiment on your own. Find out what you like and dislike and make sure you have a clear understanding of how intercourse works.
  2. Head to a drugstore for condoms and lubrication. It’s true that your first time may hurt a bit due
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Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

cv-1153640006I’ve always been a little bit naughty, but when my boyfriend suggested taking our love life someplace public I was somewhat apprehensive. After some discussion we compromised and decided that instead of sex in a public place, maybe we could try a little foreplay. I’d seen vibrating eggs at the stores before, and figured with a wireless remote we could have a lot of fun and both get what we were after.

I found the Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg at my favourite website. First of all, it is a great price at around $26.00, and has a ton of …

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Dating Tips For Men

bigstock-Man-In-Bed-6546651Navigating the dating world can be a difficult undertaking. Here are some of the most common tips women have for men to make a relationship successful.

Video of our dating tips

  1. If you make plans, keep them! Women understand that sometimes things just happen; work problems, illness and other issues may pop up time to time that make it necessary to break plans. But if you break more plans than you keep your date will most likely think you aren’t interested in her, or that you’re stringing her along. Call when you say you will call, meet her when you
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Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphintronic Review

cv-1096340001If was possible to be in love with a toy then I would be in love with my Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphintronic. I bought it to bring my personal playtime out of the dark ages and into this century, and it’s the best toy I’ve ever owned.

It replaced my old-fashioned vibrator that could only be used externally and only vibrated at one speed. If you’re reading this and thinking that sounds a lot like your toy, then read on to learn about why I love my new vibe and why you should get one too!

It was a long …

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