How to Find Her G-Spot

The female G-Spot is actually tissue of the paraurethral gland and is located approximately 2-3 inches from the vaginal opening on the front wall of a woman’s vagina. Stimulating the G-Spot correctly provides intense sexual satisfaction and can sometimes lead to female ejaculation, more commonly known as ‘squirting.’ Here are some instructions of finding and utilizing this little sexual treasure.

The tissue of the G-Spot swells upon arousal much like the clitoris and the penis. Before you set off to find the spot make sure that you’ve spent ample time on foreplay. When she’s aroused have her lie on her …

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How to Make Her Climax with Your Mouth

Listen guys, we women enjoy intercourse as much as you do but sometimes we crave a little more foreplay before the main event. Oral sex is a fantastic way to let your partner know that her needs are important to you and if she orgasms before intercourse she’s much more likely to orgasm during intercourse. Here are some tips to ensure that oral sex from you will be the best she’s ever had.

  1. Approach the act with enthusiasm. Many women are self conscious about the time it takes them to reach a climax. Assuring her that you’re enjoying the activity
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How to Choose the Right BDSM Toys

The world of BDSM has so many restraints and toys to choose from that the selection can become overwhelming. The easiest way to decide which items are right for you is to first decide what you want from your BDSM experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you shop.

  1. One important factor in choosing restraints is the size of you and your partner. It’s important that wrist and leg cuffs are large enough to keep from cutting off circulation or cause injury if pulled against. Material is another important consideration. Nylon and silk restraints offer bondage with
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Create Memories With Leather, Rubber And Latex


While most men will always want a woman who has an edgy look about her that they can fantasize about –her “bad girl” side—the truth is that most will settle for the sweeter more docile looking woman.

Many men dream about being dominated by a women in bed, they love the thought of having no control. Men are visual creatures and a big part to creating this fantasy for a man is to dress edgy and bad – and this is done through leather, rubber and latex – research has proven that there is something about this that invokes arousal.  …

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