Dating Tips For Men

bigstock-Man-In-Bed-6546651Navigating the dating world can be a difficult undertaking. Here are some of the most common tips women have for men to make a relationship successful.

Video of our dating tips

  1. If you make plans, keep them! Women understand that sometimes things just happen; work problems, illness and other issues may pop up time to time that make it necessary to break plans. But if you break more plans than you keep your date will most likely think you aren’t interested in her, or that you’re stringing her along. Call when you say you will call, meet her when you
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Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphintronic Review

cv-1096340001If was possible to be in love with a toy then I would be in love with my Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphintronic. I bought it to bring my personal playtime out of the dark ages and into this century, and it’s the best toy I’ve ever owned.

It replaced my old-fashioned vibrator that could only be used externally and only vibrated at one speed. If you’re reading this and thinking that sounds a lot like your toy, then read on to learn about why I love my new vibe and why you should get one too!

It was a long …

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Hot party games for two

degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneSpend quality time with your other half by playing some adult only games. Here are a few adults-only party games that guarantee you’ll have a whole lotta fun!

 Fantasy Month:  Create your own calendar, only this one will be x-rated. Grab a bottle of wine and as you sip away, each of you write down 15 favourite  sex acts on separate pieces of paper (such as ‘boob massage’, or ‘missionary sex with bullet vibe’), and then fold and place in a glass bowl. Each day, from the 1st of the month select a sex act to perform at random.


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Think Yourself To An Orgasm

cos-female-orgasm-lgn-medium_newI am sure that if you haven’t seen it – you have definately heard about it – The movie “When Harry Met Sally” and Meg Ryan had an orgasm (or so it seemed to onlookers) in the restaurant. The studies are in and apparently you can actually have an orgasm by using your mind. Intrigued?

They say what we think about we achieve in life – and so it seems true for orgasms.  The research says that women can simply ‘think’ themselves to an orgasm. Sounds great – so do you want to know how?

1. The key is in …

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