Picobong Koa Cerise Review

ss-1000000099Every time I went online I would end up at my local online adult store looking for the perfect vibrator. I had lots on my wish list, I was even thinking about starting a gift registry, and was having trouble choosing the one I wanted most. I finally narrowed down my list to something that was small and discreet, something that was waterproof, and finally it had to be powerful and with lots of fun features.

You would think that would narrow the selection significantly, but it still left lots, so I finally chose the Picobong Koa Cerise because it …

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Why You Shouldn’t Maintain a Friendship With Your Ex

lg_cc0f75aa122890619020527When a relationship ends it’s often tempting to try and salvage a friendship with your ex, especially if the relationship was a long term one. It’s difficult to cut someone out of your life after they’ve played a large part in it for a significant amount of time. But the sad truth is that trying to maintain a friendship with your ex is usually a bad idea.

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Here are some reasons why.

  1. Maintaining a friendship may serve as a difficult reminder that the relationship is over. When someone plays a large role in your life it’s natural to
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iRide Review

cv-1634970004Like most modern women, I like to play with toys. I have quite a collection that ranges from vibrators and bunnies, to eggs and dildos. However, whenever I played with one of my toys it always felt like something was missing. I have finally realized that what I was missing was that kind of deep thrusting action that a vibrator or dildo just cannot give me, or so I thought until I found the iRide.

Iride Video

This is an amazing toy that lets me play in a way that none of my other vibrators or dildo’s can. All I …

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