We Vibe Gadgets

cv-1730940062I really like having fun with my We-Vibe 4 which I bought from my favourite online adult store and the Australian we-vibe authorised retailer, SexToys247.net.au, both with my boyfriend, and all by myself. I love it because it is fantastic to enjoy for masturbation, and it is better yet to put on while making love. It always provides that dual dose of stimulus at both my clitoris and my G-spot, and I don’t need to fidget with it or keep my hand down there to help keep it in position.

Video From We-Vibe Describing the We-Vibe 4+

The challenge …

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Good Girls’ Secrets of Loving and Long-Lasting Relationships

emmastone-lgDo you sometimes wish for some magical potion which could make your dream man fall crazily in love with you? Do you often yearn for the ability to translate those beautiful first dates into something long-lasting? Can you use some formula to make sure that your man never lays his eyes on another woman?

Here are some secrets to loving long lasting relationships

Well, you’ll not need to worry about all these things if you learn to pay attention to your man’s likes and dislikes. Once you start doing that your relationship will soon take shape of something beautiful, serious …

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