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Avon Park

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Located on the campus of South
Florida Community College; (above)
its mission is to provide an exhibition
venue for Florida regionalists and
to present and preserve Florida's
history and heritage with art.

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Curator Jim Fitch with
Some Students

MOFAC was responsible for the
discovery of the Highwaymen,
a group of black artists from
the east coast of Florida who
marked the beginning of
the state's contemporary
art tradition.

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Curator Jim Fitch, invites you to
witness Florida culture reflected
in its art. In his own words
" Floridians, both natural and
naturalized, have awakened
to a sense of their identity
and laid claim to an art
tradition that is uniquely
their own. "

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Museum of Florida Art
And Culture


MOFAC is dedicated to the artists
whose work is an interpretation of
Florida's history, heritage,
or environment.

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Painting by "Highwayman"
Rodney Demps

  Researching Florida's art tradition is
a primary function of the museum.
The period from 1900 to 1950 is of
particular interest, when the state
was experiencing the trials of
youth and the demands
of growth.

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Painting of Bone Mizelle and
Ladies by Don Renner

Rotating  exhibits are on display in
the Museum Gallery adjacent to the Auditorium Lobby and also at the Learning Center/Library. Permanent
exhibits of area archaeology and
history are also on display.

Hours vary. If traveling far
it is best to call and
verify museum hours.

(863) 382-6900

Email: Click Here

600 West College Drive
Avon Park, Florida 33825

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