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Explore among more than 200
hard-to-find species: anthuriums,
alocasia/colocasia, heliconias,
gingers, and vines.   You'll also
find shrubs like the Surinam
Cherry Bush
and trees like the
magnificent Pink Kapok.

(800) 685-1533

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     Eldon Tropicals

               Exotic Plant Nursery

A family-owned nursery in central
 Florida specializes in beautiful
 exotic plants, flowers and trees.
All are easily cared for.

With its placid park-like setting,
Eldon Tropicals provides a respite
for travelers along 1-75. Stop to relax (exit 358-4 miles east) and unwind
amid these lovely environs. Owner/  grower Brigitta
Sandulescu and her
husband Alex welcome you.

Liesurely browse the wide
selection of order


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