""Old Florida"

   The term "Old Florida" generally denotes Florida the way 
it was at least two generations ago. It's a Florida from
 the 1960's and earlier with roadside attractions,
 hamburger stands and other reminders of
 yesteryear that are quickly vanishing.

 Over the last 25 years we
have traveled the state
and found much of
"Old Florida"

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listing of several examples of "Old Florida".

          Backfin Blue Cafe                Dora Canal

More of "Old Florida":

Oldest Post Office  In the tiny town Evinston

Moonlight Drive Inn:   Flame-broiled burgers since  the '60s

Ferndale Lodge:   Bayside lodge from the '50s

Honey Stand : from the 1940's, near Palatka.

Train Ride : aboard train cars from the '50s in Parrish.

Skinny's Place: another hamburger stand from the '50s.

Miniature Train Ride: in Fort Myers

Sea Sea Riders: Dunedin

Slim's Bar-B Q:   Arcadia

Green Springs Bistro  Safety Harbor

Marjorie Rawlings: writer's homestead from the '40s.

Spring Creek Inn: Restaurant on Florida's Forgotten Coast.

Mar Vista Restaurant: Long Boat Key

Chipley: Small Railroad town west of Tallahassee.

Micanopy: "Little town that time forgot" near Ocala.

Havana: Small antiquing town north of Tallahassee.

Rhonda K- Florida Folk Artist- SW Florida

Florida Fly Wheelers  : Restored tractors, cars and
equipment in Ft. Meade. Old Fashioned Village.







Florida's Oldest Post Office
Oldest Post Office

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Moonlight Drive Inn