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Savor masterfully prepared
specialties like: Chateaubriand,
 Sea Bass, Duck L'Orange, Rack of
Lamb or Bison Ribeye


Six Tables is open for dinner
 only, by reservation with
one seating most evenings.

(727) 736-8821

 Six Tables was conceptualized by
 Chef Roland Levi and his wife Gail.
 Chef Roland is a native of Belgium.
He did his culinary training in Brussels
 at the Ecole Culinaire des Arts et
 Metiers. Gail and Roland have worked
 in the food industry as personal Chefs
 for the past 15 years, two of which
they spent working for Ms. Brooke
 Astor in New York City. During
their career, they have had the
 distinction of serving Lee Iacocca,
 Tip O'Neill, Margaret Thatcher,
Princess Diana (in the Hamptons),
 and several former US Presidents
 among a long list of distinguished
 others. Before leaving Manhattan
and settling here in Florida, they
 worked in the residence of Mr.
 John Clay of Clay Finlay
 Investment Banking. During their
 time with him, he developed
Multiple Sclerosis. This unfortunately
made it very difficult for him to
 conduct his business affairs as he
did before. He therefore had the
vision of converting the 3rd floor
of his 5-story brownstone on Park
Avenue into a private 'dining area'
where he could receive his guests
and clients on a six-course meal.
It was at that time that Roland
 and Gail really first had the idea
 to someday open a very intimate
 six-course dinner restaurant.



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Six Tables
Fine Dining


 Six Tables and six courses
 of incomparable continental
cuisine are served in an elegant
ambiance. It's perhaps the most
personalized dining experience
you will have outside your home.

Six Tables provides a truly
exceptional dining experience:
 Fine china, white linen and
crystal stemware amid soft
  music and superb service.

Near Downtown Dunedin


Roland and Gail opened the Dunedin restaurant in April of 1998 with very little promotion.  After Opening their Last Location in Las Vegas, they left the restaurant to Greg and Sharon Maxwell.  Keeping with Roland's recipes as well as some of Chef Sharon's creations,  they have maintained the high standard Roland set for the restaurant. 


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