Gainesville/Cross Creek

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The historic homesite of the Pulitzer-
prize winning writer is open for tours.
Coming to Cross Creek in 1928 with
her husband she settled into her
new life of "half-wild backwoods
country" growing oranges, cooking
on a wood-burning stove and
writing her impressions of the
land and her Cracker neighbors.

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Front Porch Typewriter

Open 7 days a week. Guided tours
are Thursday through Sunday.
Call for times and directions.

Dine at the Yearling Restaurant,
opened in 1952. Found just
up the road it is another
Florida Secret.

(352) 466-3672

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Historic Homesite


"Cross Creek belongs to the
wind and the rain, the sun
and the seasons, to the
cosmic secrecy of seed,
and beyond all, to time"

So ends the book Cross Creek,
written by Marjorie Rawlings.

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In 1946 she penned  The Yearling
which won the Pulitzer Prize and
was later made into a movie
starring Gregory Peck and Jane
Wyman. Cross Creek also
became a movie.

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Bridge over Cross Creek

18700 S. CR 325

Hawthorne, FL. 32640
(Southeast of Gainesville)