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They march for your review in
antique display cabinets while
 uniforms stand sentry in the
corners of the Guards Gallery,
 and the walls are filled with
military art of all kinds.


1602 Copeland Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204

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  Troops of Time
Military Miniatures
and Gallery

A restored historic home on a
quiet street in Jacksonville
provides a reflective setting for
 Military Miniatures. The military
gallery displays a wide range
of miniatures that accurately
depict soldiers throughout
 the course of history.

Proprietor Tim Tyler is a lifelong
collector of military miniatures
 with a passionate love of
military history. Tim's southern
 hospitality makes your visit to
Troops In Time more enjoyable.

Visit the nearby :
Museum of Southern History.

Miniatures and sets are available
for purchase. Click the link below
for more information, or call:

Toll-free: 866-601-8192
Local: 904-381-6828

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