Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphintronic Review

cv-1096340001If was possible to be in love with a toy then I would be in love with my Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphintronic. I bought it to bring my personal playtime out of the dark ages and into this century, and it’s the best toy I’ve ever owned.

It replaced my old-fashioned vibrator that could only be used externally and only vibrated at one speed. If you’re reading this and thinking that sounds a lot like your toy, then read on to learn about why I love my new vibe and why you should get one too!

It was a long process finding a new vibrator, but lucky for you I’ve done all the legwork. I shopped around at a bunch of different sites, but in the end kept coming back to my local online adult shop because of the great prices and low shipping. I found a couple of stores that carried the Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphintronic  but only had it at such a low price.

There are a lot of great features that make me love my Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphintronic in the colour Blue. It feels amazing to play with, it’s so easy to control, plus I can even take it with me into the bath. The shaft is filled with rotating pearls and while I’m enjoying the incredible stimulation it gives me on the inside, on the outside the cute little dolphin is diving down to vibrate against my clitoris.

So if your vibrator looks like an antique, try something fun and modern that will let you play in exciting and novel ways with a toy like the Eclipse Ultra 7 Dolphintronic. To buy the toy and try it for yourself.

This is a video of it