Fetish Fantasy Elite Vibrating Panty Review

cv-1704650003I discovered that the Fetish Fantasy Elite – Plus – Size Vibrating Panty could easily be my perfect companion on those weekend night outs when I have no male company around.

It is actually something that I had been searching for quite some time. This thong panty has been created with a high quality stretch-to-fit material which is both super sexy and comfortable. There is a sexy little secret hidden in these tiny thong panties! And it is in the form of a discrete hidden pocket strategically designed in a manner that it can hold a vibrator or a vibrating stimulator!

When I opened my package I found a remote-controlled vibrating stimulator which can also be removed from the panty. It also has its own pushbutton activation controller which features an LED light for comfortable use. It operates with two AAA batteries and has already become my most favourite thong panty.

I’m a slightly bigger girl and I wasn’t sure whether these will fit me properly or not. You don’t get many of these panty types in plus sizes. I was pretty kicked when I found these! They actually do and fit pretty well indeed. I’m going to get my girlfriend also one of these and we both can pleasure each other on those steamy hot nights.

I even carry it to my office sometimes! You know those long meetings can be extremely boring sometimes! My vibrating thong comes to the rescue! I’d say a big thumbs up to Fetish Fantasy Elite – Plus – Size Vibrating Panty! If you want to get one yourself then visit your local sex shop now – you won’t regret it. I promise!