iRide Review

cv-1634970004Like most modern women, I like to play with toys. I have quite a collection that ranges from vibrators and bunnies, to eggs and dildos. However, whenever I played with one of my toys it always felt like something was missing. I have finally realized that what I was missing was that kind of deep thrusting action that a vibrator or dildo just cannot give me, or so I thought until I found the iRide.

Iride Video

This is an amazing toy that lets me play in a way that none of my other vibrators or dildo’s can. All I have to do is put the iRide on my bed and get on top. It gives me almost everything that all my other toys give me, but I can ride it and get the exact sensation and type of stimulation I want. Not only does it have a dildo for inside me, but there is also a fun little nub that vibrates against my clitoris whenever it makes contact.

It is super easy to use too, and I can change the settings at any time by pressing one of the buttons located right at the base. And the shape of the iRide is so unique in that instead of laying flat its curved underside lets you rock and get even more out of your toy. I can say it’s completely replace my other toys, but they’re certainly getting a lot less use now that I’ve found the iRide.