Key by Jopen Vela Massager Review

cv-1814810007I came across the Key by Jopen Vela Massager while browsing for a bachelorette party gift for my best friend.  I wanted to get her something powerful but elegant; so many vibrators look like distorted body parts.

Video Explanation

The Key by Jopen Vela Massager caught my eye because of its sleek, classy design. I was also looking for something wireless and waterproof, and this toy met all my demands. Being the considerate friend that I am, I couldn’t give a gift without testing it out myself first! I decided to order my own Key Vela Massager before ordering one for my friend. I was impressed at how fast I received my new toy! I knew I’d have plenty of time to test out a different toy before the bachelorette party if the Key Vela Massager didn’t live up to my expectations. But after just a few minutes with my new toy I knew my shopping was over!

The first thing that struck me about the vibrator when I opened its package was its size! It’s large but sleek at the same time; I found myself aroused by its appearance. The toy is made of velvety soft silicone and felt natural against my body. The motor has seven oscillating settings, so I never knew what kind of vibrations to expect from one moment to the next. The toy packs more power than I’d expected. I finished my first round with the vibrator then logged online and ordered another for the bachelorette party!

Curious and want to know more? Read more about the product or visit and check out the video above.