Picobong Koa Cerise Review

ss-1000000099Every time I went online I would end up at my local online adult store looking for the perfect vibrator. I had lots on my wish list, I was even thinking about starting a gift registry, and was having trouble choosing the one I wanted most. I finally narrowed down my list to something that was small and discreet, something that was waterproof, and finally it had to be powerful and with lots of fun features.

You would think that would narrow the selection significantly, but it still left lots, so I finally chose the Picobong Koa Cerise because it was my favourite shade of pink. It’s also small, fits on my finger, and can be used in the bath. I couldn’t wait to try it.

I ran a bubble bath and brought along some of my water-based lubrication (thankfully I remembered that the Koa is made of silicone so I can’t use silicone lube with it). It was easy to use under the bubbles, and I had a lot of fun experimenting with the different settings. The finger ring at the bottom made it really easy to hang on to, position, and move it wherever I wanted, even when the Koa was wet and slippery.

There are still lots of toys left on my wish list, and I’m determined to make my way through the list, but until the next item is crossed off I’ll be having a lot of fun with my Picobong Koa, both in the bath and in the bed.