Why You Shouldn’t Maintain a Friendship With Your Ex

lg_cc0f75aa122890619020527When a relationship ends it’s often tempting to try and salvage a friendship with your ex, especially if the relationship was a long term one. It’s difficult to cut someone out of your life after they’ve played a large part in it for a significant amount of time. But the sad truth is that trying to maintain a friendship with your ex is usually a bad idea.

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Here are some reasons why.

  1. Maintaining a friendship may serve as a difficult reminder that the relationship is over. When someone plays a large role in your life it’s natural to want to keep them around. But the difference between what you got out of the relationship and what you get out of the friendship may be unbearably painful. There’s a chance you’ll be satisfied by a friend only relationship with your ex but more than likely it will only leave you longing for the past.
  2. It’s next to impossible to maintain a friendship with an ex without jealousy becoming involved. When you or your ex begins dating new people it may cause painful jealousy if serious feelings are involved; you may even feel as if you’re reliving your breakup. If your post relationship friendship is a healthy one the new people in your lives may be the ones to experience jealousy. It’s not likely that your new boyfriend will be supportive of you discussing him with your ex-boyfriend! As hard as it may be, clean breaks are usually the best.