Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

cv-1153640006I’ve always been a little bit naughty, but when my boyfriend suggested taking our love life someplace public I was somewhat apprehensive. After some discussion we compromised and decided that instead of sex in a public place, maybe we could try a little foreplay. I’d seen vibrating eggs at the stores before, and figured with a wireless remote we could have a lot of fun and both get what we were after.

I found the Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg at my favourite website. First of all, it is a great price at around $26.00, and has a ton of features and ways that you can play with it. It is easy to use, and extremely powerful, yet still quiet when its operating and extremely discreet.

I slipped the egg inside me and was pleasantly surprised to find that it stayed in place and I didn’t have to worry about it falling out, and when I did want it to come out all I had to do was pull on the attached retrieval cord. I got dressed, hand in my boyfriend the wireless remote, and we headed out to a movie. I can’t honestly tell you a thing about that movie, but I had a fairly good time in the theatre. And since the remote works from as far away as 35 metres my boyfriend can even switch up the programs while you is at the concession getting us more popcorn.

The Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg was definitely a fun toy to play with, and a great way to take a bit of our love life out in public. If you would like to try it yourself then you can – simply search online!